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9/9/06 - Poll, Morris and Toland Pick Up Jackson County Part of Dirt Classic

9/2/06 - Cheaaters Prevail at Jackson County Speedway





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Poll, Morris and Toland Pick Up Jackson County Part of Dirt Classic

Jackson County Speedway--Maqoketa,IA 9/9/06 by Ed Potter - Fans braved a cool and windy evening to come to the Iowa Wireless Dirt Clasic at Jackson County Speedway Saturday and got to see a twnety-five lap feature and two fifty lap features. The twenty five lapper came in the Street Stock division and had third heat winner, Luke Miller take the early lead. On an eighth lap restart Miller hit an infield tire in turn two to bring out the caution again. This time on the restart Miller spun in turn four to bring out a second caution by himself and was forced to retire from the event. On this restart Mike Driscoll took over the lead and held on through five more cautions. With five laps to go Jon Poll edged out front and led the rest of the way for the victory. Dirscoll held on for second with Cory Bauer third, Donovan Lodge fourth and first heat winner, Brian Bonney fifth. Rob Henry won the other heat as Mike Shrope took the consi win.
Pole sitter, Ray Cox Jr took the lead of the Modified feature on the drop of the green, but on a fifth lap restart Jeff Morris charged out front in a diferent car than he had won the night before in at Davenport Speedway. Morris went on to lead the following forty-five laps to take his second big pay off in two nights. On lap forty-two K.C. Ansel rolled his car off turn four to draw the field up tight. Ansel was shaken up a little, but was OK. Following Moris across the finish line Cox held on for second. Doing double duty, Donovn Lodge took third witn Jim Willert fourth and John Bull fifth. Tony VonDresky, Morris, and Lodge won the heats with Bart Miller taking the consi.
Rob Toland drew lucky number two for the Late Model feature starting spot and made it pay off as he led all fifty lap for the win. At lap seventeen Terry Neal flew off turn one to bring out the races fourth caution and send Neal to the rear. At about the mid race point Jeff Aikey, who was battling in the top three brought out the caution and retired from the event. On the restart Rob's son Bobby Toland moved into second and it became a father and son show. Bobby took second with Chuck Mayerhofer third, Darrell DeFrance fourth and Neal coming back up to take fifth. The heats were won by Ron Gustaf, Rick Wages, and Gary Webb while Ryan Duhme won the consi. For the last laps of the feature a light mist was in the air, but the rain held off until after the checkers had flown.

Results from Iowa Wireless Dirt Classic--Jackson County Speedway--Maquoketa, IA 9/9/06
Street Stock
heat one: 1. Brian Bonney--Lost Nation; 2. T.J. Leslein--Dubuque; 3. Bob Ahrendsen--Cedar Rapids; 4. Donovan Lodge--Andover,IL; 5. Sheldon Hunter--Wyoming
heat two: 1. Rob Henry--Colona,IL; 2. Wayne Hora--Anamosa; 3. Rick Brokus--Dubuque; 4. Jerry Pratt--Bennett; 5. Shane Oberbreckling--Onslow
heat three: 1. Luke Miller--Dubuque; 2. Mike Driscoll--Preston; 3. Cory Bauer--Monticello; 4. Toby Spicer--Rock Island,IL; 5. Terry Rittmer--Savanna,IL
consi: 1. MIke Shrope--Clarence; 2. Oberbreckling; 3. Jon Poll--Maquoketa; 4. Jamie Wilson--Waterloo; 5. Andrew Chelf--Lost Nation
Feature 25
1. Poll; 2. Driscoll; 3. Bauer; 4. Lodge; 5. Bonney; 6. Brokus; 7. Henry; 8. Spicer; 9. B.J. Jackson--Clinton; 10. Allan Milder--Sabula; 11. Rittmer; 12. Hunter; 13. Pratt; 14. Ahrendsen; 15. Shrope; 16. Chip Kohl--Marion; 17. Chelf; 18. Hora; 19. Robert Sherbonda--Elwood; 20. Miller; 21. Oberbreckling; 22. Wilson; 23. Leslein
heat one: 1. Tony VonDresky--Davenport; 2. Ray Cox Jr--Maquoketa; 3. Doug Crampton--Rock Island, IL; 4. Thad Wilson--Moline; 5. Bart Miller--Clarence
heat two: 1. Jeff Morris--McCausland; 2. John Bull--Davenport; 3. Jason Schueller--Dubuque; 4. Luke Pestka--Robins; 5. Jacob Seegmiller--Dubuque
heat three: 1. Donovan Lodge--Andover,IL; 2. Jim Willert--Davenport; 3. Don Pataska--Green Island; 4. Mike Weidemann--Dubuque; 5. K.C. Ansel--Dubuque
consi: 1. Miller; 2. Bob Dominacki--Bettendorf; 3. Marty Diercks--Bettendor; 4. Timmy Current--Bernard; 5. James Thompson--Annawan,IL
Feature 50
1. Morris; 2. Cox; 3. Lodge; 4. Willert; 5. Bull; 6. Pataska; 7. Miller; 8. Crampton; 9. Pestka; 10. Current; 11. Tim Arp--Donahue; 12. Jason Seegmiller--Dubuque; 13. Thompson; 14. Ansel; 15. Andy Cook--Park View; 16. Hal Sprague--Maquoketa; 17. VonDresky; 18. Weidemann; 19. Wilson; 20. Diercks; 21. Jacob Seegmiller; 22. Dominacki; 23. Schueller; 24. Troy Emerick--Geneseo,IL
Late Model
heat one: 1. Ron Gustaf--Moline,IL; 2. Rob Toland--Bettendorf; 3. Chuck Mayerhofer--Dixon; 4. Darrell DeFrance--Marshalltown; 5. Ryan Duhme--Maquoketa
heat two: 1. Rick Wages--Colona,IL; 2. Jeff Aikey--Cedar Falls; 3. Bobby Moyer--Dubuque; 4. Rick Wendling--Hazelton; 5. Dean Wagner--Evansdale
heat three: 1. Gary Webb--Blue Grass; 2. Terry Neal--Ely; 3. Fred Remley--Blue Grass; 4. Stephen Kammerer--Blue Grass; 5. Jeremy Grady--Story City
consi: 1. Duhme; 2. Grady; 3. Jeremiah Hurst--Dubuque; 4. Eric Gustaf--Moline,IL; 5. Bobby Toland--Milan,IL
Feature 50
1. Rob Toland; 2. Bobby Toland; 3. Mayerhofer; 4. DeFrance; 5. Neal; 6. Bryan Kammer--Davenport; 7. Wendling; 8. Webb; 9. Kammerer; 10. Wages; 11. Duhme; 12. Jerry Miles--Bernard; 13. Jason Masengarb--Colona,IL; 14. Remley; 15. Ron Gustaf; 16. Kevin Armstrong--Springville; 17. Moyer; 18. Steve Olson--Preston; 19. Aikey; 20. Grady; 21. Eric Gustaf; 22. Hurst; 23. Jeff Morris--McCausland; 24. Wagner

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Cheaaters Prevail at Jackson County Speedway

Jackson County Speedway--Maquoketa, Iowa 9/2/06 by Ed Potter - Saturday evening at Jackson County Speedway was the Night of Destruction Trailer Race, but before the Trailer race hit the track it was also Cheater's Night for five classes of race cars. Some of the more obvious configurations of course were in the V8 Modified division, with a few in the street Stock class. The first class of cars to hit the race track were the 4 Stocks After a couple of cautions on the first two laps, which sent five cars to the pits the race went the rest of the way caution free with Brannon Bechen leading all the way to take the win. Justin Kay came home second with Mike McGarry third, Tim Hazen fourth and Shane Marcov fifth. Marcov came from the tewnty-second starting spot to take that spoit in the top five. Dustin Kay, Bechen and Dan Mohr won the heat races.
The Trophpy Trucks did not have a class of thier own and had to become part of the Hobby Stock division. Alan Staskal started on the front row in his truck and led the first lap with Rick Brokus taking over on lap two. At about the mid-way point of the race with Brokus still leading and Staskal still in the top five Alan rolled his truck in turn one bringing out the caution. On the restart Brokus went back out front and on for the victory with Corey Rupp in hot pursuit. Rupp took second with Kevin Brame third. Eric Yule was fourth on his first visit to the speedway this year with Jeff Specht taking fifth. Heat race wins went to Rupp, Neil Patchin and Brokus.
Attrition had a lot to do with the B Modified feature and turn one once more was the spot. Before a lap was scored an eight car pile up which incloded Tom Pestka rolling his car, took seven cars out of the race. Mike Baker led the first lap when the race got going again, but when the caution flew again at lap two Baker left the track with no brakes. The field was now down to nine cars with one of them being two laps down. On the restart Ben Traver took over the point with Jarrett Franzen getting by on lap five. As the cauton flew again at lap seven the race was called over. Jarrett took the win with Traver second. Keith Feller was third followed by Mike Fuller and Johnny Walker. Baker, Rick Galloway and Franzen took the heat wins.
The Street Stock race looked like it might go caution free, but that didn't happen. Pole sitter Andrew Chelf grabbed the lead but couldn't hold off the hard charging Randy Exline. Exline moved out front on lap four and soon had Cory Bauer putting the pressure on him. As these two leaned on each other all the way down the back chute on the white flag lap Chelf was still right there to take advantage of any mistakes. In turn four Exline and Bauer got into each other enough to slow both of them down and Chelf went back by to take the win as the caution flew for the first time in this race as Bauer and Exline piled up in turn one bringing four other cars with them. Heat wins went to Exline, Josh Wilson and Mitch Schmitz.
After winning the V8 Modified heat race Bob Dominacki drew lucky chip number two for his strting spot in the feature. Bob took his winged modified to the front and led all twenty laps for the victory, with Donovan Lodge right on his tail with another winged modified. Jim Willert, without wings took third with Tony VonDresky fourth and Kelly Pestka fifth.
A ten bus school bus race was then run with Garry Anderson taking the win in his chopped bus.
Mechanics races came next with an unknown driver taking the 4 Stock division. Steve Harms of Onslow won the Street Stock mechanics race with Terry Specht of Baldwin taking the Modified race. Powder Puff races were won by Ananda Duttbarn of Bernard, Megan Sparrgrove of Bernard and Stacey Kinion of Monmouth. The night's main course then hit the track as vehicles of all types hit the track with each one pulling a troiler. As the mayhem got under way the track was soon covered with debris all the way around. Randy Shanahan felt some heat in his truck and pulled down to the edge of the track to bail out, which was a good thing as the truck was burned to the ground as fuel leaked out of control. Maquoketa Fire and Rescue Finally had to be called in to get the fire under control. When the race resumed about eight vehicles were still running and as they slowly dropped out the last two finally were checkered flagged for a tie. Dan Pataska and Derrick Miller were the winners.

Results from Jackson County Speedway--Maquoketa, Iowa 9/2/06
4 Stock
heat one: 1. Dustin Kay--Wheatland; 2. Harry Rogers--Clinton; 3. Justin Kay--Wheatland; 4. Tom Lamey--Bernard; 5. Jim Bealer--Maquoketa
heat two: 1. Brannon Bechen--Bernard; 2. Greg Schmitt--Dubuque; 3. Rob Harding--Camanche; 4. Michelle Caes--Maquoketa; 5. Mark Cady--Clinton
heat three: 1. Dan Mohr--Clarence; 2. John Campbell--Dubuque; 3. Jeremy Campbell--Dubuque; 4. Chris Holmlund--Grand Mound; 5. Tim Hazen--Davenport
Feature: 1. Bechen; 2. Justin Kay; 3. Mike McGarry--Camanche; 4. Hazen; 5. Shane Marcov--Dubuque; 6. Lamey; 7. Mohr; 8. Dustin Kay; 9. Dennis Dammann--Eldridge; 10. Kile Vohringer--Maquoketa; 11. Jeremy Campbell; 12. Cady; 13. Denise Costello--Delmar; 14. Robert Robinson--Morrison, IL; 15. Bealer; 16. Caes; 17. Rogers; 18. Harding; 19. Holmlund; 20. Jeremy Capron--Monticello; 21. John Campbell; 22. Schmitt
Hobby Stock
heat one: 1. Corey Rupp--Monticello; 2. Jeff Specht--Maquoketa; 3. Mark Winkel--Letts; 4. Bruce Yoerger--De Witt; 5. Ryan Steffen--Bernard
heat two: 1. Neil Patchin--Maquoketa; 2. Chris Gillmore--Monticello; 3. Steve Harms--Onslow; 4. Alan Staskal--Baldwin; 5. Sheldon Hunter--Wyoming
heat three: 1. Rick Brokus--Dubuque; 2. Kevin Brame--Maquoketa; 3. Wayne Hora--Anamosa; 4. Eric Yule--Clarence; 5. Joe Bonney--Lost Nation
Feature: 1. Brokus; 2. Rupp; 3. Brame; 4. Yule; 5. Specht; 6. Gillmore; 7. Brian Hagerman--Camanche; 8. Winkel; 9. Yoerger; 10. Bonney; 11. Ethan Milder--Sabula; 12. Hora; 13. Steffen; 14. Patchin; 15. Staskal; 16. Hunter
B Modified
heat one: 1. Mike Baker--Maquoketa; 2. Keith Feller--Maquoketa; 3. Tom Pestka--Robins; 4. Mike Fuller--De Witt; 5. Steve Barner--Oxford Junction
heat two: 1. Rick Galloway--Maquoketa; 2. Jay Garvey--Clinton; 3. Adam Kinion--Wyoming; 4. Ben Traver--Wheatland; 5. Johnny Walker--Lowden
heat three: 1. Jarrett Franzen--Maquoketa; 2. Jeremy Marquette--Davenport; 3. Kirk Caes--Maquoketa; 4. Tony Baker--Davenport; 5. Craig Wallroff--Maquoketa
Feature: 1. Franzen; 2. Traver; 3. Feller; 4. Fuller; 5. Walker; 6. Randy Christner--LeClaire; 7. Kinion; 8. Wallroff; 9. Tony Baker; 10. Mike Baker; 11. Matt Irwin--Maquoketa; 12. C.J. Unruh--Camanche; 13. Galloway; 14. Caes; 15. Pestka; 16. Garvey; 17. Barner; 18. Joseph Anders--Anamosa; 19. Dave Bielenberg--Charlotte
Street Stock
heat one: 1. Randy Exline--Stockton; 2. Cory Bauer--Monticello; 3. Chris Litscher--Stanwood; 4. Allan Milder--Sabula; 5. Dan Baker--Mechanicsville
heat two: 1. Josh Wilson--Fulton,IL; 2. Shane Oberbreckling--Onslow; 3. Toby Spicer--Rock Island, IL; 4. Duane Rittmer--Sabula; 5. Luke Miller--Dubuque
heat three: 1. Mike Schmitz--Maquoketa; 2. Brian Bonney--Lost Nation; 3. Brendan Driscoll--Preston; 4. Andrew Chelf--Lost Nation; 5. Klay Letcher--De Witt
Feature: 1. Chelf; 2. Schmitz; 3. Bonney; 4. Spicer; 5. Litscher; 6. Milder; 7. Mike Adam--Bettendorf; 8. Rittmer; 9. Jamie Wilson--Waterloo; 10. Exline; 11. Josh Wilson; 12. Jon Poll--Maquoketa; 13. Driscoll; 14. Bauer; 15. Baker; 16. Robert Sherbonda--Elwood
V8 Modified
heat one: 1. Bob Dominacki--Bettendorf; 2. Donovan Lodge--Andover, IL; 3. Jim Willert--Davenport; 4. Don Pataska--Green Island; 5. Tony VonDresky--Davenport
Feature: 1. Dominacki; 2. Lodge; 3. Willert; 4. VonDresky; 5. Kelly Pestka--Delhi; 6. Pataska; 7. Davey Clark--Maquoketa; 8. Bob Bowman--Maquoketa; 9. K.C. Ansel--Dubuque; 10. Ray Cox Jr--Maquoketa

Iowa Race Tracks





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