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MACS - Mid-Atlantic Championship Series
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sanctions dirt Late Model racing in the Eastern United States

4/20 - MACS Announces Final WRISCO Aluminum ROY Contender


2/27 - MACS Releases First Draft of ’05 Schedule

1/16 - MACS Announces Rules and Procedural Amendments for '05





 MACS Announces Final WRISCO Aluminum ROY Contender

Indiana, PA - April 20, 2005 - By: Jeff Geesey - The Mid-Atlantic Championship Series is pleased to announce a new WRISCO Aluminum rookie of the year contender for 2005. Brent Robinson, 17, Smithfield, VA, is another youngster vying for the $2,500 in cash courtesy of WRISCO Aluminum. He brings the total to four drivers attempting to grab the title. His combatants will be Devin Friese (PA), Jerry Fifield (VA), and Matt Hubbard (DE).

Opening with the Series next weekend on Friday and Saturday, April 22 and 23 at Potomac and Cumberland respectively, will mark the beginning of Brent’s second season in the Super Late Models. Robinson, like his youthful rival Matt Hubbard, started his upward mobility in the sport at a young age. He began his racing exploits when he was eight years old and has been racing for nine years. His resume includes time behind the wheel of Go-Karts (1 year), Legends (2 years), and Mini-Cup cars on asphalt (3 years), in addition to his limited late (1 ½ years) experience.

He has several ROY titles to his credit as well as championship in the previous divisions in which he participated. In 1998, he was the Mini-Cup Rookie and in 2002 he held that title for the Legend cars. He has three Mini-Cup championships including ’97 at Southside, ‘98-‘99 at Langley as well as SERCA championships in ’98-‘99.

Brent chauffeurs the #3 Rocket Monte Carlo powered by a 415 Malcuit Chevrolets shod with American Racer and Hoosier Tires as well as Ohlins Shocks. His boosters include Steel Tech Fabrication Inc., Poske’s Performance Parts, Stuckey Enterprises, Terry Heating & Air Conditioning, and Granny and Papa. Brent’s website is






Contact: Michelle Petroff, (618) 406-6842 or

SEAFORD, DE (April 4, 2005) – Delaware’s Matt Hubbard has announced a bid for the Mid-Atlantic Championship Series’ (MACS) WRISCO Aluminum Rookie of the Year title. Hubbard, a high school sophomore, will divide his time between the classroom and racetracks as his #12m team will tour with the traveling series throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

Prior to competing in super late models, Matt competed in the karting ranks, modified lites and limited late models. Matt already holds two RoY titles – one from the World Karting Association and the other from Middleford (DE) Speedway for his performance in the mod lite division. During Matt’s inaugural season last year in the 700+ hp super late model division, he notched three impressive feature wins at Virginia Motor Speedway.

The 2005 MACS season will kick off with a pair of $5,000-to-win shows at Potomac Speedway and The Rock Speedway on April 22- 23. Several competitors including past champions, national hotshoes and the two other WRISCO Aluminum Rookie of the Year contenders (31 year-old Devin Friese of Pennsylvania and 43 year-old Virginian Jerry Fifield) will on converge on the two Maryland tracks.

In addition to their plans with the MACS series, the #12m team also plans to compete in various other touring series and geographic regions. After rain cancelled several events, the team is looking forward to next weekend’s World of Outlaws’ Late Model Series shows at The Rock Speedway (4/8) and Virginia Motor Speedway (4/9). Matt will pilot a new C.J. Rayburn Monte Carlo in 2005 with support from HabNab Trucking, Trinity Transport, Fleet Sales Inc., Behrents Performance Warehouse, Custom Racing Engines, Hoosier Tire and Koni Shocks.

For more information on Matt Hubbard and his scheduled events, please visit For the latest on the MACS series, log on to their new web site at




MACS Releases First Draft of ’05 Schedule

By: Regina Geesey

Indiana, PA - February 27, 2005 - The Geesey brothers Mid-Atlantic Championship Series (MACS) is entering its ninth season of operation, and quickly becoming one of the oldest sanctioning bodies still under the same ownership. “We are pleased to announce the first draft of the 2005 racing schedule”, related Jeff Geesey, Series P.R. Director. “The fans and drivers alike have been eagerly awaiting our schedule since the fall and now the time is here to release the first draft,” stated an enthusiastic Geesey.

“We have been busy working with promoters during the last four months to bring our events to larger audience,” continued Geesey. “At this stage, we have 18 dates, and we are still talking to more host facilities about adding additional shows. “Currently, we will be presenting shows at 11 host speedways in four states including Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia”, emphasized Geesey. To-date, the tracks presenting MACS events include, in alphabetical order: Brushcreek Motorsports (OH), Challenger Raceway (PA); Hagerstown Speedway (MD); Hesston Speedway (PA); Lernerville Motorsports, Inc. (PA); McKean County Raceway (PA); Potomac Speedway (MD); Portsmouth Raceway Park (OH); Sharon Speedway (OH); “The Rock” Alleghany County Speedway (MD); Virginia Motor Speedway (VA).

“We aren’t done yet” Geesey stated. “Other promoters continue to express interest as they ponder the remaining dates available. Tracks still interested in securing date(s) for this season are: Bedford Speedway (PA); Central Pennsylvania Speedway (PA); Eriez Speedway (PA); KC Raceway (OH); Muskingum County Speedway (OH); Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway (PA); Stateline Speedway (NY), plus others. We may not add all of those listed, but I think we will be at the majority of them plus maybe some surprises,” related Geesey.

“The balance of the remaining open dates will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. We want to accommodate the promoter’s needs but the window of opportunity for picking and choosing is rapidly coming to a close. Once we get to 30-35 shows we are not going to schedule anymore”, summarized Geesey.

Other notable news about the schedule Geesey added, “We are nearing the one million-dollar mark in prize money for the season and by the time we are done I expect to easily top that mark. If we gain the rest of the shows that are currently being discussed, then we’ll eclipse that mark”.

Specific details about each event will be forthcoming in the next several weeks with the kick-off this season only a seven short weeks away.

This Schedule is a first draft and is tentative as well as subject to change or modification. This shouldn’t be taken as the final schedule as more dates will be added.

April 22 Potomac Speedway 50 $ 5,000 $28,500
23 “The Rock” Alleghany County Speedway 50 $ 5,000 $28,500

21 McKean County Raceway 50 $ 5,000 $28,500
28 Bill Sawyer’s Virginia Motor Speedway 50 $10,000 $50,000

24 Lernerville Speedway 50 $ 5,000 $28,500
25 Hesston Speedway 50 $ 5,000 $28,500

2 Portsmouth Raceway Park 50 $ 5,000 $28,500
3 Portsmouth Raceway Park 50 $10,000 $50,000

5 Brushcreek Motorsports 43 $ 4,000 $26,000
6 Brushcreek Motorsports 58 American Heritage H/D $60,000
20 Hagerstown Speedway Conococheague $10,000 $57,000

3 Sharon Speedway 50 $ 5,000 $28,500
4 Portsmouth Raceway Park 50 $10,000 $50,000
17 Virginia Motor Speedway 50 $10,000 $50,000
23 Lernerville Speedway 50 $ 8,000 $40,000

7 Challenger Raceway $4,000 $30,000
8 Challenger Raceway TBA
9 Challenger Raceway $20,000 $100,000
Raindate October 21, 22, 23




MACS Announces Rules and Procedural Amendments for '05
By: Jeff Geesey

Indiana, PA - January 16, 2005 - The Mid-Atlantic Championship Series is pleased to announce a few minor rules and procedural amendments for the '05 season.

The first procedural change covers the drivers meetings and driver attendance. First, "as in the past, attendance is mandatory at all drivers' meetings. However, during the past season, we noticed some drivers were absent from the meetings and some would leave early. As a result, we are implementing a new procedure to ensure attendance throughout the meetings. Drivers' names will be called off at random during the meeting. Any driver not answering when called will be sent to the tail of the heat race". Secondly, "we are sensitive to the length of the meetings and to speed things up next season, we will have certain announcements available as hand-outs that will be distributed at the sign-in table”.

The second area to be addressed is relative to entry fees and minimum purses. "The minimum entry fee will be $50.00 for all events. Entry fees will increase as the purse increases. The minimum purse for 2005 is $5,000 to win which carries an increased purse to $28,500”. The third procedural modification is relative to the series flat tire rule. "When circumstances require, three courtesy laps will be given. This will depend upon the size and lay-out of the pit area, location of track gates, etc. Whenever we will go to three laps, this will be announced at the driver's meeting and it will be posted at the trailer. If no announcement is made the customary two-lap rule will apply”. The fourth area is relative to the points system. There are three changes that will be infused into the rule book. First,..."if there are more than ten cars in a heat race, the points will continue to drop off by one point for each position. For example, tenth place earns 16 points; eleventh will earn 15 points; and so on". Next, "in events that have C Mains, D Mains, etc., cars that do not transfer will earn fifty points for the C, forty-five points for the D, forty points for the E, thirty-five points for the F, and thirty points for the G". Finally, "cars added to an A Main will keep their heat race points, but they will forfeit any points earned in a B, C or D Main, etc". The next area of change is regarding the WRISCO Aluminum MACS Rookie of the Year contenders. "Drivers seeking the Rookie of the Year title must declare their intent by April 1”. Another category of change is the Protest Fee. "Protest fees have been increased to $1,000 for any technical protest. $350.00 will go to MACS as the protest fee; $650 will go to the protest car, if found to be legal; or will be refunded to the protestor, if the car is illegal”. Minor adjustments have been made to the car specifications. They include the minimum wheelbase at 103" (no tolerance); rear deck height 37" (no tolerance); rear quarter panels are 48" from rear axle centerline (no tolerance); stock nose pieces can extend a maximum of 48" from center of front hub to farthest point extending forward; carbon fiber drive shafts are highly recommended – in any case all drive shafts must be painted white or some other bright color; any lead weights must be painted white or some other bright color and must bear the car number. No lead weights above the decking. Each lead weight must have at least two, ½” diameter bolts using locking washers and nuts securely mounted to the chassis; helmets must be a minimum of Snell 95 or SA2000.

Thanks for your continued support and cooperation.





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